If this is your first visit to the Glasgow Oncology Clinic, then you are most welcome.

We are aware your first visit to the department may be an anxious time for you. You will already have been told you need to meet with us to discuss further treatment strategies – you may have concerns and uncertainties about which treatment is best for you and its possible side-effects.

We will do our best to help you through this difficult time and view the doctor : patient relationship as a partnership within which your views are central.

It can be helpful to be accompanied by a relative or friend at your first visit, there may be much to consider. It may also be helpful to jot down any questions you have before coming to clinic. We hope some of the information available on our website may alleviate some of your concerns.

The doctor you will see is an oncologist, a cancer specialist – they will already be familiar with aspects of your condition and the results of any tests you have had. They will want to check some details with you but will be interested in your views on aspects of your proposed treatment.

After this first meeting your doctor will be able to make initial recommendations about further treatment. Sometimes further tests (possibly including scans or blood tests) may be needed. Your first consultation may be expected to take 45 minutes – subsequent follow-up appointments may take around 15-20 minutes.

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