Glasgow Oncology Clinic (GOC) provides a specialist private cancer treatment service for patients with breast, colorectal and urological malignancies.

Our oncology unit is experienced in the delivery of specialised chemotherapy regimens, biological and immunotherapies, based on the most up to date research and incorporating (where appropriate) the use of the newest available drugs.

GOC clinicians have specialist practices in one of the largest cancer treatment facilities in the UK, the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. They are actively involved in research, audit and development of cutting edge treatments.

Our oncologists are also experienced in the use of radiation therapy, in the integrated delivery of radiotherapy & chemotherapy and in the use of hormonal therapies, which play an important part in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer.

Treatment is delivered in the setting of our dedicated unit, staffed by the specialist oncology nursing team and supported by the full facilities of BMI Ross Hall Hospital.

With this team we provide ease of access, continuity of care and access to the specialist most appropriate to your needs at all times.

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