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Making the right choice

Feb 16, 2020   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  Comments Off

At the Glasgow Oncology Clinic we are keen that any treatments we provide are the best and most appropriate for each and every patient. We take pride in delivering bespoke treatment tailored to the patient’s individual circumstances and specifications.

In the ever moving field of cancer treatment, our ability to do this is improving all the time – a good example of this is the use of genetic testing to identify changes or mutations within the cancer, allowing us to determine the most appropriate drug treatment choices.

Several new drugs ( provide clear benefit to some colorectal cancer patients. No treatment is without side-effects, but by for example testing the RAS status of the tumour or by testing for micro-satellite instability within the tumour, our doctors are given clearer signals about who may benefit from these types of drugs (and which patients won’t).

Similar biomarkers are used in breast cancer, cancers of the lung, the stomach and in melanoma – they are also under active study in many other cancer types.

It seems likely the next few years will see considerable advances in this field, allowing us to select therapies for patients not just based on the site of origin of the cancer, but also taking into account its specific genetic characteristics.

Cancer Survivorship – what is it ?

Feb 16, 2018   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  Comments Off

You will have noticed our blog is titled cancer survivorship. The term may not be familiar to everyone and to be honest definitions vary. It is a phrase which most would agree covers the physical, psychosocial, and economic issues encountered when living through and beyond cancer.

The National Cancer Institute (who have an excellent webpage dedicated to the topic – ) describe survivorship as covering the period from diagnosis until the end of life (be that from cancer or otherwise) and underline its’ focus on the health and experiences of those on their cancer journey, during and beyond diagnosis & treatment – this includes ongoing health needs, follow-up practice, concerns over disease recurrence and further treatment.

But because friends, family members, and caregivers are also affected by a cancer diagnosis, they too are included in this definition and arguably this may also encompass professional caregivers. We embrace this broad definition and whilst undoubtedly challenging hope that, during what for many is a difficult & traumatic period, we can enhance survivorship in all its aspects.


Welcome to our cancer survivorship blog

May 31, 2017   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  Comments Off

We, at Glasgow Oncology Clinic, have worked for years in the cancer treatment field and shared experience with researchers and dealt with cancer survivors. We have seen the value in talking about issues, sharing information, and having someone listen to fears and concerns.

We would like to use our experience to make this online forum a place to share hope and strength with one another. We hope we’ll all find value in sharing our thoughts with many people who are touched by cancer, whether personally or through shared experiences with a loved one.

In the past, the word “cancer” was taboo, a word that most individuals didn’t feel comfortable saying, let alone talking about. But more than ever before, cancer survivors are playing an active role in their health care by learning about their diagnosis, treatment options and resources. We believe that patients are the best advocate for themselves and we are here to support them further. This blog is a place to talk about those concerns, and hopefully help make the journey after diagnosis a bit easier to face. By listening, we speak volumes. This blog is only limited by our imagination and willingness to share.

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