Making the right choice

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At the Glasgow Oncology Clinic we are keen that any treatments we provide are the best and most appropriate for each and every patient. We take pride in delivering bespoke treatment tailored to the patient’s individual circumstances and specifications.

In the ever moving field of cancer treatment, our ability to do this is improving all the time – a good example of this is the use of genetic testing to identify changes or mutations within the cancer, allowing us to determine the most appropriate drug treatment choices.

Several new drugs ( provide clear benefit to some colorectal cancer patients. No treatment is without side-effects, but by for example testing the RAS status of the tumour or by testing for micro-satellite instability within the tumour, our doctors are given clearer signals about who may benefit from these types of drugs (and which patients won’t).

Similar biomarkers are used in breast cancer, cancers of the lung, the stomach and in melanoma – they are also under active study in many other cancer types.

It seems likely the next few years will see considerable advances in this field, allowing us to select therapies for patients not just based on the site of origin of the cancer, but also taking into account its specific genetic characteristics.

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